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Configuring Atom editor with ESLint and the AirBnB style guide rules

14 August, 2016
- 5 min read

TL;DR This article demonstrate how to integrate the ESLint tool with Atom editor so our source code be automatically checked, showing linting messages in editor. In addition, ESLint will be configured based on the AirBnB code style rules. Atom & ESLint Atom editor is probably one of the most used text editors (along with SublimeText, Visual Studio Code, TextMate, ...). On his side, ESLint is an open source project, originally created by Nicholas C. Zakas, with the goal to provide a pluggable…

Introducing Universal Web Applications

10 August, 2016
- 8 min read

TL;DR: This post is the first in a series of articles to talk about Universal (previously known as Isomorphic) Web Applications. The goal of the series is to describe: What an universal web application is? Why are them important? What benefits offers universal web apps? and How to create a boilerplate to start a universal app project. Note, because JavaScript ecosystem is incredible bast and, because we can create an universal web app with almost any combination of framework and libraries, we will use in this series React, Redux and Webpack.

Resilient PHP applications with Phystrix

06 July, 2016
- 6 min read

TL;DR: This post talks about how to make our PHP applications more resilient, that is, they must be able to adapt to third party failures and recover quickly from them. You will see why configuring timeouts is not enough to protect your system and what better tools exists. We will explain briefly Hystrix concepts and introduce an alternative for PHP called Phystrix. No matter how well designed be your system, no matter the number, kind or quality of your tests. There is only once thing for sure…

Symfony, images and S3

25 March, 2016
- 6 min read

Paraphrasing the movie title Sex, lies and videotape, this post is related on how I configured my symfony project to work with images (including thumbnail generation) and store all them on Amazon S3 service. There are are libraries and bundles to work with images and also others to work with S3, but the combination of all them can be a tricky experience with not much documentation out there. In addition, there is also one more challenge to achieve and, that is, while developing I want to store…

Closing 2015

31 December, 2015
- 2 min read

2015 is finishing. Its 18:15h while writing these lines. Looking back to this year lot of feelings mixes in my mind, some of them great and some sad. But live continues and we can only go forward. At professional level the most important fact was leaving Servei Meteorològic de Catalunya (meteo.cat) after nine years. I leave great workmates. We made some incredible things and, in the past year we work in some nice projects (a new website, a mobile ready web and an API to access weather data…

Reading very big JSON files in stream mode with GSON

23 October, 2015
- 5 min read

JSON is everywhere, it is the new fashion file format (see you XML). JSON format is mainly used on REST APIs because it is easy to read by JavaScript (JSON means JavaScript Object Notation) allowing to develop client side application. In Java and, similarly to the old days of XML, we have different ways to read JSON files: object model or streaming way. No one is better than other, they are simply designed for different needs and situations. The object model way works loading the whole file in…

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