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Working with query params in JavaScript

09 November, 2019
- 2 min read

No matter if you work with JavaScript at client or server side, at some point you'll need to work with urls and its query params. As example, I'm currently using react-router in my project, which is an great tool. I can define dynamic routes with path params and easily react-router returns me these params within the variable and the rest of url information in the variable, but how can I easily access to query params? There are great libraries for this purpose -like query-string or qs- but the question is: why increase in some more bytes the size of your package when there is a native solution? 😄 The .

Joppy, the Tinder for tech recruitment

28 June, 2018
- 6 min read

TLTR: This post is about Joppy, a new service I'm working on that tries to eliminate the pain currently exists in the communication among recruiters and tech professionals. Let me describe you the current scenario in the recruitment world and, please, any feedback will be welcome. Tech professionals: Wherever I wrote tech professionals I mean any kind of role related with tech companies: software engineers, developers or programmers, manager, product owners, QA, designers, ... It all starts... ...taken a beer and asking your friends: How many connection requests do you receive per week from LinkedIn? All three (two developers and a UI/UX designer) answer the same enough to be annoying. Every tech professional want to have his/her CV updated in LinkedIn, it is a great service, but no one agrees with the myriad of emails asking for connections from recruiters that has awesome job offers from awesome companies. Do you think the job of a recruiter is easy? Well, let me say you are completely wrong. It is not an easy job and often ungrateful. If you think in a more or less important city with many tech companies you can image the competition existing among companies to get tech professional. Currently there are two main things recruiters can do to arrive to candidates: Publish offers in some kind of board and wait candidates applies (we all have in mind web sites that crawls and shows tons of job offers) Make an active search of potential candidates. Recruiters need to use services like LinkedIn, where they can search techies in a given geographical area, that know about X, Y, Z skills and many other options. Once filtered they need to contact each of them where, probably, most of them are not interested in a change or in the position the recruiter is offering.