The Book of OpenLayers3

Who is a curious animal?

I don't remember when I start writing, I think the 2014 christmas, but what I know for sure is these months were a really busy months. Combine a full time job as a software engineering with the task of writing a book about a new technology (plus the fact I have always some other little projects in hands) is hard. Literally translating an spanish sentence Nobody said it was going to be simple.


LeanPub link: https://leanpub.com/thebookofopenlayers3

The book

The book is oriented for any kind of reader with some knowledge in JavaScript that requires to create web mapping applications. No matter if you are new to OpenLayers or an experienced user that comes from version 2, OpenLayers3 is a new redesign and rewrite of the project that requires invest some time to learn it again. Yes, I didn't write "spent some time" because your time understanding how to work with OpenLayers3 is not wasted time, but an investment in a new and very powerful tool.

The content

I tried to organise the book chapters in a natural order to understand the new architecture. Each chapter has a first section where all the theory is explained and a second one, based on examples, where you can see those concepts in action.


Next is the table of contents.

  • The Map and the View
  • Layers
  • Data sources and formats
  • Vector layers
  • Events, listeners and properties
  • Overlays
  • Controls and Interactions

 Where can you find it?

The book has been written with the awesome LeanPub platform. Its slogan is Publish Early, Publish Often and I think I didn't follow too much it. Because of this I want to make a pre-relase, to see the readers acceptance, get your feedback and know if all this effort worthwhile.

Thanks to LeanPub platform, once you buy a book you are allowed to download its updates freely. I will notify you when new releases are available.

Please let me know everything: from mistakes in my sentences or code to costs (is it expensive or has an acceptable cost).

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