New Overlays chapter on The Book of OpenLayers3

02 November, 2014 - 1 min read

The Book of OpenLayers 3 has been updated !!!

This book is self-published, no great editorial is behind it neither a marketing campaign, so I appreciate any shares you can make through social networks and any other media.

What you can find in this new update?

  • A new Overlays chapter. This is a short but necessary chapter that explains how we can work with overlays to place any kind of HTML located within the map. As I comment, it is a short chapter but I prefer to leave it as an independent chapter.
  • A new sample on the Events, listeners and properties chapter, named Styling features under the pointer. Once we know about feature styling and events, the sample demonstrates how we can change the style of the features under the pointer.

The book has now 6 chapters and is 80% complete. Currently I continue working on a more extensive chapter called Controls and Interactions, which I hope to have finished in approximately a month.

Please, don't hesitate to contact me with comments and suggestions. Your feedback is really valuable for me.

Thanks for your confidence in The Book of OpenLayers 3.

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