Professional purposes for the new year 2014

30 December, 2013 - 2 min read

With the arrival of each new year everybody has new great purposes and new goals to achieve. I'm not talking from the personal point of view but the professional too: practice more sport, to quit smoke, read some book, learn a new programming language, ...

I'm not an exception so, for this new year 2014, I have done my list of professional purposes:

Finish The book of OpenLayers3

The OpenLayers3 is beta stage but it is clear it will continue being one of the most important open source project within the GIS world. Because of this I start writing a book titled The book of OpenLayers3, which tries to be a mix between a beginner's book plus a cookbook. For the moment I have almost finished two chapters and implemented some code examples.

Create an Android application

Currently the two most important mobile platforms are iOS and Android. My purpose if to be up to date so I want to start learning Android and create some kind of "simple" application, no matter which functionality, no matter if there are hundred of application equal or better. The goal is to learn Android and demonstrate it making a real application.

Continue working in the X-Project

Although I call it the X-Project, because for the moment it has no name, I have spent tons of hour working on it. The goal is to create a tool in the way of Evernote or Dragdis, which with the user can capture quickly and easily content in the web to allow organza and share later. Yes I know there are others that make this, there are others that are really big (like Evernote) but I'm not worried about it. I have an idea. I know my idea is slightly different from others and can mark the difference. I know my idea can win. I have implemented a first version of API for the server and my purpose for this year is to create a functional prototype of the application (the client side) to present it and start looking for funds and a team. So here we go !!!

All these is too much work for a single person and also combining it with a full time job. So I will take it easy (there is no other way).

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