The book of OpenLayers3

24 December, 2013 - 2 min read

I was thinking on it for a long time, but due a lack of free time I never started. Finally I can officially say I have start writing The book of OpenLayers3.

More probably it will be a hard task, because OpenLayers3 is still in heavy development process and currently it is in beta status. But... no one said it will be easy.

OpenLayers3 is a completely rewritten version with the goal to create an up to date library, mobile ready out of the box and making use of the current best technologies.

My previous experience writing the OpenLayers Cookbook for Packt Publishing was really great and, after declining an offer to rewrite it for the OpenLayer3 version, I was thinking on the possibility to write a new book.

Although the experience was good, I found the cookbook format a bit restrictive in the way I could write. It is a cookbook so it is oriented to explain concrete situations with a concrete format, and that was the problem for me.

When I write I like to do it taking the role of a person that must teach to another one with less knowledge. I like to situate the reader and explain why things are how they are, and that requires more prose than it could be written in a cookbook.

I don't want to be formal. I don't want to follow any book conventions, I simply want to write in a way I think is natural to learn, in the order I consider is more logic to understand the tool.

Because of this, I finally chose to write the book by myself. It is on its early stage but it would be a mix between a beginners book and a cookbook, accompanied with a set of code examples. It is the XXI century so my intention is to offer it as an ebook. I'm not sure which platform to use (maybe LeanPub) neither the price for it.

So this is the time to help me suggesting me things to explain, examples to add, etc.

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