AnimatedCluster pan related bug... fixed !!!

08 February, 2013 - 1 min read

If you regularly follow this blog and are web mapping developer that works with OpenLayers, (too much coincidences???) probably you know about the the Animated marker cluster strategy for OpenLayers I created some time ago.

Unfortunally, the last version (v0.2) has a ugly bug. The code works fine when you change the zoom level but clusters are not updated when you pan the map.

I'm happy to say right now I have uploaded a new version (v0.3) which fixes this bug on my GitHub repository. Basically, now the code controls if the action is a zoom change or a pan movement and updates and animates the clusters accordingly. That is, if you pan the map the clusters on the current level are recomputed.

Take into account this can cause the features where clustered in different clusters, so you can see how bubbles changes its position and number of features within it.

In addition, the demo page has been updated with the new version. Check it !!!


Thanks to all the great people that has sent me their experiences when using the AnimatedCluster !!!

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