Things seen last week

19 October, 2012 - 2 min read

Web & Dessign

Launcher - Wordpress responsive theme that allows visitors know estimated time remaining in launching your site.

Shaken Grid (Lite) - Wordpress gridded theme that uses jQuery Masonry which “arranges elements vertically then horizontally according to a grid.”

HTML5PLEASE - Look up HTML5, CSS3, etc features, know if they are ready for use, and if so find out how you should use them – with polyfills, fallbacks or as they are.

Animated Buttons - Samples of buttons made with CSS3 Transitions and Animations

Pure CSS Under Construction GIF - The modern icon implementation

Pictonic Font Icons - 230 free icons: social, sharing, browsers, operating systems, etc

CSS2LESS - Translates your CSS files to LESS notation.

Application Icon Set - The Application Icon Set by Matt Gentile consists of 120 pixel-perfect icons in three different sizes (16px, 32px and 64px) and it comes in three formats (PSD, PNG and CSH). The icons are vector shapes so you can scale them to any size.


Projection Transitions - 2D animation projections transitions.

Unfolding the Earth - Myriahedral projections - Awesome video animation among many map projections.

GeoJSONLint - Validate your GeoJSON data files.

OpenGeo Suite 3.0 Released! - A new version of this great open source suite.


Using Java as Native Linux Apps - Java utilities to calling C routines, create daemon processes, packaging, command line interfaces, etc

Measuring Agile Scrum Development with Velocity - Short video tutorial that defines Velocity and explains how to measure the capacity of projects in Agile Scrum Development.

LinkedIn Moved From Rails To Node: 27 Servers Cut And Up To 20x Faster - Article about how LinkedIn has moved from Rails to Node.js


This Land Is Mine - Musical cartoon movie about the Israeli/Palestinian conflict.

iPod - A nice create tribute to Steve Jobs

DC vs Marvel Infographic - Compare movies revenues

Nano Workout - Original site with tons of short exercises for our health.

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