Brief introduction to Dojo Widgets creation

08 July, 2012 - 1 min read

In the past, I have been using Dojo Toolkit for relatively little projects. I choose Dojo by its well designed API and its rich and homogeneous set of widgets.jQuery and jQueryUI are great projects, but I found the problem of consistency with jQuery plugins. Each one follow its own rules, each one has its documentation and API, etc.

Because of this, once I know Dojo I chose it as my preferred framework for RIA applications.

Here I would like to present you a short introduction on how to create widgets in Dojo. It is a simply summary of things relate to the widgets creation, it is not a step by step tutorial or code sample:

dojo intro

The presentation is built using the impress.js tool, so I recommend to visualize it using Chrome browser. You can use a recent version of FireFox too, but I see Chrome is the one which make smoothest visualization.

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