XCode4 and the mystery with Route-Me code sense

06 May, 2011 - 2 min read

If you follow this blog you will know I prefer to write "long" posts with nice content :) form time to time than write lots of short posts without much substance. For that I use Twitter :p

But always there an exception... and here is mine.

Recently I start coding with Objective-C programming for iPhone(iOS) and using XCode4.

As a GIS lover I look for a native map library to make a native program and found the route-me project. Ok, that is nice. I download source code and follow the Embedding Guide to start coding. First time it goes fine. I make little sample without problem. Then I start a more serious project. I create a new project, follow the same steps to add the route-me dependencies but... ta-da !!! XCode doesn't completes my code !!! Yes, if I wrote "RMMa" but I never get "RMMapView". What the hell!!! How is it possible? I created a new project and attach route-me again, but... again the code completion didn't work. This is a nightmare.

The I look for some help. On stackoverflow I found a very similar issue but it didn't help my too much.

After a couple of very obfuscated days I found XCode4 indexes and stores code information in folder:


I think on delete that data and force XCode to recreate it. To do so you can go to the Organizer > Projects, select your project and remove the derived data. I do it many times clean and build my project but... ta-da !!! Nothing changes, code completing didn't work.

Finally I opt to close XCode and remove the whole DerivedData directory. Then  start XCode again, create a new project and attach route-me and... ta-da-da !!! oh my God, this time code completion works. Don't ask my way. It simply works and that is enough for the moment.

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