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Dojo + OpenLayers = New Challenges

23 January, 2012
- 8 min read

Recently, the new Dojo 1.7 was released with many improvements and important changes. As a developer, I'm pleased to work with Dojo on RIA application because simple reasons: </html> // Create a map instance var map = new dojox.geo.openlayers.Map('map'); map.fitTo(-10,30,40,62); // Add to the GFX layer gfxLayer.addFeature(feature); gfxLayer.redraw(); }; var graphFeature1 = new dojox.geo.openlayers.WidgetFeature(descr1); gfxLayer.addFeature(graphFeature1); }; var graphFeature2 = new dojox.geo.openlayers.WidgetFeature(descr2); gfxLayer.addFeature(graphFeature2);